NFL Cornerback: How To Play Cornerback; Press Technique #1

NFL Cornerback: How To Play Cornerback; Press Technique #1

I wrote this blog to show athletes, specifically cornerbacks/defensive backs different press techniques in man to man coverage.  I think this is the question that I get asked the most.  Cornerbacks ask me how to play press man, and I guess I did not realize how fortunate I have been to have been able to play so much press man coverage throughout my years playing cornerback from college to having to play it almost every play for the Houston Texans lol.  The point is, I have a ridiculous amount of practice and experience in this subject, going against some of the best players at the highest level. “NFL

I made a video and posted it on youtube to show athletes about 4 different techniques that they could add to their tool belt as they are developing their craft and working hard to become great defensive backs.

Watch the video below to learn 1 of my cornerback press techniques.


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