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Table of Contents


Fundamentals of Muscular Contraction, Isometrics and The Resistance Band

The Speed Training Challenge - You are about to experience the fastest and easiest way to increase your sprinting speed

Speed Training Seminar Transcript - Session 1: Isometrics and The Resistance Band For Fast Muscle Speed

The Most Important Muscle Group in Sprinting is Being Ignored - The only weight machine in the gym for the most important muscle in running speed is never used by guys.

The 3 Types of Muscle Contractions & Training For All Three - Your best sports performance is achieved when training your muscles with all three contraction types!

The Running Process Identify and train the correct muscles used in sprinting.

Muscle Contraction, Speed Training and Sports Anatomy - The different muscle fiber types and getting the most speed out of your muscles.

Make Your Muscles Faster and Quicker in All Your Sports Skills

71 pages packed with pure content shows how to get faster in days - even if you're already a top performer.

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