High School Football Run Faster Epiphany

High School Football Run Faster Epiphany

I was pretty athletic growing up.  I actually was the faster bigger kid in my little leagues and I basically destroyed all the other youth teams.  The one thing that changed all of this was that I stopped growing and everybody else caught up with me.  I ended up being average and now in high school, being in 9th grade everybody was older and I had to start putting in work. 

A couple things that I did was I would lift weights at the school weight room and I joined the school track team.  I did these 2 things in order to build my body to the level of hopefully making the varsity football team. 

This really helped me and my speed and endurance increased.  I played junior varsity and a little varsity that year.  My 10th grade year, I ended up starting on my varsity team and played very well.  I had success early and I was supposed to be all everything my junior year and it HAPPENED.  I got lazy and did not do the things that helped me the previous year.  I did not run track that year, and I barely did my weight room workouts. 

That junior year was so embarrassing, and I even contemplated quitting football.  I was a running back and I would get caught by slow linemen after I would break loose.  I couldn’t even score any long touch downs because of a lack of speed training, and couldn’t break any tackles because a lack of strength and endurance.

I learned a valuable lesson that year as my rivals joked on me being a varsity flop….You must work, and continue to do it in order to be successful.  You must work and search for ways to improve everyday.  That is how I was able to make it to the NFL and play for 3 years in a league that is brutal to get there and even harder to stay. 

I tell all my students now that you must be 2 things to have a shot to make it to play professional sports.  Turn your body into a machine by working in the weight room and to Run Faster!!!  Run Track and Do Dr. Van Such’s Run Faster Program which is below!

Make it happen for yourself today and do what the professionals do!  Run Faster in less than 14 days by conditioning your muscles for speed.

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