Can Vitamins Help You Run Faster? Run Faster Vitamins

Can Vitamins Help You Run Faster?  Run Faster Vitamins

This past week I received a great amount of emails talking about how athletes all over the world were doing so far this summer in their speed training with and weightlifting with their coaches.   Last week was the last week of school for most middle school and high schools so most football teams started their personal summer training programs in preparation for the upcoming football season.   For me this was time to really dig deep and work as hard as possible so that I would be in the best shape of my life so that I could be the best athlete as possible.  A majority of the emails were thank yous for my youtube videos and some of them were nutrition questions.  I made a video which I will provide below, stating that I am not a nutritionist but I can tell you from my experiences and dealing with professional nutritionist what to focus on.

I would say focus on the quality of your muscle.  Condition your muscles for speed, strength and endurance and do not try to be just big for no reason.  The size of your muscles will come with hard work in the weightroom, but trust me I knew the guys who thought that protein shakes were their savior when really they were weak and slow.  Focus on eating healthy and being hydrated.  Eat vegetables like it’s your job I told one high school football player.  My buddy Domonique Hargrove who is a nutritionist, actually did some research on vitamins and how it affects your fast twitch muscle fibers.  It was very interesting how using plant based vitamins can help your muscles actually perform at a higher level!  I know when I played for the Houston Texans, our nutritionist there told us how important Vitamin D was for us since most of us were vitamin D deficient and had no clue.  Vitamin D helps athletes so much but most of us do not receive enough which can really hurt us in the long run.  For exact information on this click link below!

So back to the original question, Can vitamins help you run faster?  Nutrition and supplements have an affect  on your fast twitch muscle fibers so absolutely!  It goes back to the quality of your muscle, and we must feed our muscles the right fuel!  I always suggest plant based vitamins for my athletes so that you know what you are taking are natural and certified for all sports.

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