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Can Vitamins Help You Run Faster? Run Faster Vitamins

Can Vitamins Help You Run Faster?  Run Faster Vitamins This past week I received a great amount of emails talking about how athletes all over the world were doing so far this summer in their speed training with and weightlifting with their coaches.   Last week was the last week of school for most middle school […]

Athletes and Supplements: Under More Scrutiny Than Ever

Athletes and Supplements: Under More Scrutiny Than Ever Recently in professional sports, it has been widely reported that Milwaukee Brewer’s Ryan Braun and New York Yankee’s Alex Rodriguez are MLB’s top two targets for performance enhancing drugs. Performance-enhancing drugs are illegal substances used by athletes to improve their performances. Some athletes take a form of […]

How to keep knees, joints and ligaments healthy

“How to keep knees, joints and ligaments healthy”Former Kentucky basketball star Nerlens Noel says his knee rehab is ahead of schedule according to sports news reports. Although Noel is recovering from a season ending injury to his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) amazingly he still is a potential #1 pick in the 2013 NBA draft. Noel […]

How Athletes Can Attract More Success

“How Athletes Can Attract More Success” It’s game time and you’re about to take the field or the court! You’re feeling a mixture of excitement and anticipation as your prepare your heart and mind for the competition. You want to perform your best and most of all you want to help your team win! Have […]

Performance and Nutrients for Elite Athletes

“Performance and Nutrients for Elite Athletes” When you think of high performing athletes like lacrosse, soccer, football and basketball players you know that fast reactions, speed, agility, quick movements and fast reaction times are critical to winning. Athletes must stay motivated to push through fatigue, discomfort and to keep playing at a high level to […]

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