Lacrosse Speed Training Secrets

Lacrosse Speed Training Secrets

When I see lacrosse super stars like Chazz Woodson I’m amazed at his quickness, speed and cunning ability to elude defenders and score!
 Lacrosse Player Chazz Woodson;  Lacrosse Training

Big time playmakers like Paul Rabil is another Phenominal  lacrosse player who possesses the incredible ability and quickness to fly past defenders, score and help his team win!
 Paul Rabil Lacrosse Player;  Speed Training

Another impact player for the game of lacrosse has to be Kyle Harrison, who’s great skill and fast play making creativity on the field makes him a very valuable asset to any LAX team! I spoke to LAX Superstars Chazz Woodson and Ryan Flanagan on twitter and ask them how important speed and the ability to run fast is to them and to the game of lacrosse? Chazz Woodson responded, “Speed Kills!” Ryan Flanagan said that speed in lacrosse is unbelievably important and said, “You can’t cover what you can’t catch!”  Possessing great Speed is an incredible asset for any athlete especially LAX players. Your ability to RUN FASTER and be Quicker will give you undeniable advantage over other lacrosse players you’re competing with and against. Your Speed will determine your ability to get past defenders and score so you can help your team WIN!

How Do You Get Faster?

My best friend Mark Parson is a 3 year NFL Veteran and he played with the Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints. Mark played cornerback and if you know anything about football you know playing defensive back is one of the toughest positions to play at any level especially in the NFL. The 40 yard dash is the test that college cornerbacks who are serious about their opportunity of playing in the NFL and possibly making a lot of money must pass. Most NFL teams will not even take a second look at you if your 40 yard dash speed is not 4.5 seconds and below. Most NFL teams look for defensive backs who’s 40 yard dash speed range between 4.4 and 4.2 sec.

What helped my good friend Mark Parson increase his speed and run faster so he could impress those NFL scouts was a simple speed training program he did. This program focused on ISOMETRIC TRAINING using a RESISTANT BAND. For Just 15 minutes everyday Mark did these dynamic ISOMETRIC EXERCISES created by Dr. Larry Van Such and Mark’s results were absolutely incredible.

I remember before Mark began the “15 Minute Speed Training Program” created by Dr. Larry Van Such his 40 time was ranged from a mid 4.5sec to a high 4.4 which are actually descent speed times but not necessarily fast enough to be deemed REMARKABLE by NFL scouts. After using the “15 Minute Speed Program” Mark’s 40 time dropped down to a very low and impressive 4.4sec which helped him gain the attention he needed from NFL scouts to earn a NFL contract and live his dream.

The word ‘ISO’ means equal or the same, and ‘METRIC’ means length. Combining these two definitions we get ‘equal or the same length.’ Isometrics as it relates to muscle training, involves tensing muscles against other muscles or against an immovable object while the length of the muscle remains unchanged. For ISOMETRIC training to be effective, this muscular tension must be maintained over a certain period of time. ISOMETRIC training is best defined as: “The sustained contraction of a muscle over a certain period of time where the length of the muscles remains unchanged.”

Dr. Larry Van Such has done an incredible job providing this exclusive knowledge and education in his “15 Minute Speed Training Program.” Dr. Van Such’s run faster program has helped over 100,000 athletes increase their speed, quickness, run faster and improve overall athleticism including Division 1 college athletes and professional athletes. It’s simple and it works!

I personally believe if more athletes in the lacrosse world who are serious about being impact players, playmakers and helping their teams win would apply this “15 Minute Speed Training Program” to their training regiment it would help scores of players reach success to the next level! I’m excited for you and your future! Let’s do it Big…Let’s Do it FAST!!!

Go to www.LacrosseSpeed.TK and hear real testimonials and success stories from elite student-athletes and professional athletes who have used this Run Faster Program. Sign up for the free videos, get the information and make it happen for yourself Now at www.LacrosseSpeed.TK

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