Exactly Why You Need To Run Faster!! What Being Athletic Really Means

Exactly Why You Need To Run Faster!!  What Being Athletic Really Means

It is really interesting when I hear someone say somebody is very athletic.  In my years of collegiate football and profession football years in the NFL, I know exactly what they mean when they say someone is very athletic.  It really means that the person can RUN FAST AND JUMP HIGH…  Yes, it is very simple to stand out from the bunch.  Of course, a person with a great physique and big muscles can stand out somewhat, but imagine that same person being able to run faster than everyone else on the court or field.  It is a given that they will impress recruiters and scouts very easily, but do you want to know why?  It is because that is what all of the College and pro scouts are looking for first!  They want to find the biggest, fastest athlete possible who will stay out of trouble and bring in fans to their stadium.  Mike Vick coming out of college was like superman.  He was the fastest quarterback known to man, maybe even the fastest person in that years draft period.

If you add running speed with skill and technique you have the opportunity to become a superstar and make a boat load of money in sports!  The thing is most people only know about 75% of speed training.  For example, I am a person who believes in Olympic weight lifting and plyometrics to improve explosive power that comes from the glutes, hamstrings.  This is very important in sports and I do it and have done this my whole sports career.  I believe in working on running form that will help you have balance and being efficient.  The one thing that almost all the speed coaches out their are missing is working the thigh flexor muscle which is the longest muscle in the human body and most important in knee drive and turnover/running cycle.  The smart speed coaches who do know this still train this muscle for strength and endurance instead of speed!

In order to train your muscles for speed you have to do it a certain way!  Dr. Van Such has compiled the 10 best exercises to get the fastest results in running speed in the world!  Currently the New Orleans Saints strength coach Charles Byrd, and numerous division 1 A College coaches including Ohio University’s Sonny Sano have gotten immediate results in 40 yard dash improvement up to players cutting off .2 off their 40 yard dash in a matter of days.  Dr. Van Such gives away 1 of the exercises so that he can prove that he can make anybody faster in a matter of 15 minutes.  If you are on this blog, you must try this out for yourself!

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