NFL Cornerback: How To Play Cornerback; Press Technique #2

NFL Cornerback: How To Play Cornerback; Press Technique #2

This is my cornerback/defensive back tip #2 where I show another press technique that will really help you improve your game.  I learned most of my techniques from trial and error.  My football coaches usually gave me my base techniques to start off, but then I had to just see what worked best for me.  I ended up playing around 9 years of cornerback and during that time, I can honestly say that some stuff worked and some stuff did not.  Here is one of the press techniques that was very consistent when I used it at the right time.

Understanding when to use certain techniques in the football game is very important.  Practicing situations in football is extremely important, and I learned that from Ohio University’s head coach, Frank Solich and it carried on in the NFL.  Before you can really know what you would do in the game, you should have practiced it over and over on the practice field.  This was key in my man to man coverage.

Check out this video of one of my press techniques that you can add to your football tool belt below

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