NFL Cornerback Training Tips In Man To Man Coverage; Reps Reps Reps!!

NFL Cornerback Training Tips In Man To Man Coverage; Reps Reps Reps!!

Training to become an elite cornerback is a great amount of practice and work.  I have athletes from all over the world who ask me for tips, drills and videos on how to improve.  Since I had the opportunity to play in the NFL for a few years I can say that I have had my share of having to guard top wide receivers in man to man coverage.  My time in Houston with the Texans especially because we literally had to defend the top 5 National Football League offense press man almost all practice and all year.  Trust me it was rough having to guard Andre Johnson and Jacoby Jones every day man to man, so I learned a few things.

This blog and video is about out working everyone in the world… Now most people only understand physical labor and work.  This is very important and part of the process of becoming great.  You must physically out work everyone else at your position in the world to become elite.  That means exercise the hardest and most, stay to a strict diet in order to run faster, quicker and to be stronger than everyone else.  This is what you must do to be able to cover the best wide receivers man to man, because guess what….Those guys are doing that!!

The key that I offer to you is are you getting extra reps when your body can no longer go on.  You see your body has to recover but your mind can go further.  You can get mental reps by watching others practice at football practice while you rest.  You can watch more film than everyone else.  You can get Professional film or old school professional football film and watch more!  How many reps are you getting a day?!  This is how you get better than everyone else.  This is the key to reaching that 10,000 hours of working on your craft, which is Football.  Your mind cannot tell what is real or not, so when you watch film or visualize yourself making a play that counts as a rep.  You must do this more than anyone else everyday if you want to become elite.

Check out my video where I explain more in depth!


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