Should Speed Training Be Free?

Should Speed Training Be Free?

This is funny!  I am actually relaxing with one of my good friends watching the NBA Finals.  The Miami Heat are playing the San Antonio Spurs and it is half time.  The Heat are winning and my friend is talking to a couple of his high school clients that he trains for football.  He is a athletic trainer and has actually helped me make it to the NFL coming out of College.  He just got a text asking if he charges for his training this summer.  He asked me what he should say, and I had to think about it and say this.

Heck yeah they need to pay for your services man!!  The main reason is not because the trainer is in need of money even though we are all in need of money, but the reason is because most people do not value what they do not pay for.  I do not think great training should be free, and I think the commitment is made when you pay for something.  It is important to own something and be responsible for your actions and when you pay for it, it will eat at you until you take action.

This is just a random rant that I wanted to post during half time of this great game, but I do think that it matters.  If you are looking for a way to run faster like I was when I played for the Houston Texans click the image below and start today!!

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