NFL Cornerback Tips: Cornerback Lesson That Will Be The Ultimate Reason You Make The Team

NFL Cornerback Tips: Cornerback Lesson That Will Be The Ultimate Reason You Make The Team

I made this quick video blog to teach 2 things.  The first thing that I wanted to teach is an actual football drill that I learned in the NFL called the star drill.  When I played with the Houston Texans we as Defensive Backs would always have our individual period where we would work on fine tuning some skills and techniques that would help us become better cornerbacks and safetys.

The interesting thing about the star drill that I will never forget is how I learned it.  You see I was not drafted into the NFL, I came on to the team from a tryout during the OTA’s which stands for Organized Team Activities.  My coach who was David Gibbs who is son to a legendary coach was kind of a hard ass, but really good coach had us going through the normal defensive back regimen when we got to this point of our session.  The others pleaded with Coach Gibbs to allow me to see the star drill before we started so that I could at least know how to do it.  The reason is that if anybody messed up the drill, Coach Gibbs would make everybody go back and do it again until we all got it right.  Mind you, it is about 101 degrees outside and we really haven’t even started the other parts of practice so the guys didn’t want to be dead tired before the hard part of practice came.  LOL…  Imagine your first day of NFL practice and spotlight is on you!!!

Do you understand?  You have to learn on the fly, and I mean right now!  Check out my video below where I explain how I did it!

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