How To Run a Faster 40 Yard Dash; Increase Running Speed With Awesome Training Exercise

How To Run a Faster 40 Yard Dash; Increase Running Speed With Awesome Training Exercise

How to run a faster 40 yard dash; Increase running speed, Muscle speed training

I had the opportunity to be friends with the fastest man that was ever in the NFL, and I am also cool with an Olympic sprinter who actually held the Men’s 100m world record before being stripped of medals for legal issues in which he has paid the price for and now doing awesome work in the community.  Now this guy’s name is Tim Montgomery, and he is a genius when it comes to learning how to run faster.  He is going to be releasing his book of his life very soon and I suggest if you are an athlete, it is a must read for you.  I will eventually place a link for his book at the bottom of this blog.

Now he can help any athlete’s sprinting form improve drastically!  This guy can still run like the wind at 38 years old, and his information is actually different than most of the speed coaches out there who are teaching how to run a faster 40 yard dash.  He himself, no lie can run a 3.9 40 yard dash laser timing in grass.  This dude can run extremely fast and can break down the how and why he can, which will help you know what you need to do to have better running form to improve your 40 yard dash time for football.

Now here is the thing about my very fast friends, they can teach the form and mindset of how to run faster!   This information that they know is priceless and I would pay any amount humanly possible to obtain it.  With that being said, learning the correct running form does take a certain time and process which all athletes should know and learn.  The reason why I love Dr. Van Such’s Run Faster Program is that you could be a person with great running form or a person with terrible running form, if you use the program, you will run faster guaranteed.  This speed training program does not teach sprinting form at all.  What it does is conditions the necessary muscles that are most important for running faster that most people neglect or do not train for running speed, which are the THIGH FLEXORS/HIP FLEXORS.  Most people will train all day and night and never really improve their speed that much because they neglect the very muscle training that will improve their speed the fastest.

Now I have always been an athlete who searched for ways to get better and when I saw this information that Dr. Van Such created, I knew that it made sense, but the belief came when I tried out just 1 of his exercises for a week and my 40 yard dash time was the best I have ever ran in my life.  The 40 yard dash is the most important event for a cornerback or defensive back when it comes to wanting to getting drafted and I missed out on my opportunity of getting drafted because of a lack luster 40 yard dash time.  I honestly wish that I knew of this speed training concept and program back then, but I am now glad to spread this idea to athletes all over now, and if you are a person who wants to be the best and make it to the professional levels, you must add this program to your regimen.  Once you have this, you can also work on your running form which will make you even more faster!  Everything has a process, some are faster than others.  Dr. Van Such’s “The Run Faster Program” process works faster than any other speed training program in the world.

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Run Faster in Days with the 15 Minute Speed Trainer

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The Run Faster Program

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40 yard dash; NFL Cornerback Speed training

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