Can Fast Get Faster??

Can Fast Get Faster??

I was at a local middle school track meet in Richmond Virginia and I was very surprised at what I saw take place.  I was with my brother in law standing at about the 50 meter mark as the runners were about to get in their blocks.  My brother in law asked me to guess by the looks of the runners who I thought was going to win the race.  It was the 100 meter race that was about to take place, so I took a look to try to guess the most athletic guy who started to get into the blocks.  I picked a muscular built tall kid who looked like a football player.  After my brother in law saw my pick, he said get ready for this man….lol and boy was I shocked.

When the starting gun was shot, this super small white kid came out like he was shot out of a cannon.  He won this race from start to finished.  By his appearance, I thought that he would be the kid who came in last.  He was short and extremely skinny but he beat everybody by at least 15 meters.  He actually broke the City/County 100 meter Middle School boys record in that race.  That makes you think about what speed really is.  His form was not good by any means.  By being able to learn from Dr. Van Such about how certain muscles are responsible for running speed, and how to condition these muscles to perform like fast twitch fibers are supposed to act has really transformed my athletic career.  I played in the NFL for 3 years and I came in contact with Dr. Van Such’s Run Faster Program when I was desperately searching for a way to run faster so I could guard guys like Jacoby Jones and Andre Johnson, which helped me drastically.

When I saw this kid who just broke the school record, I just thought to myself he is fast already but imagine how much more faster he could be with the right speed training and The Run Faster Program.  What about adding the correct form to the equation…..This kid could be elite!  The key thing for people who are already successful to get better, they have to be open to new information and the hunger and desire to get better.  I learned this from a young age, and it is basically not being a know it all type of person.  Learning is a never ending process and the greatest minds are always searching for a way to get better.

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