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Should Speed Training Be Free?

Should Speed Training Be Free? This is funny!  I am actually relaxing with one of my good friends watching the NBA Finals.  The Miami Heat are playing the San Antonio Spurs and it is half time.  The Heat are winning and my friend is talking to a couple of his high school clients that he […]

Can Vitamins Help You Run Faster? Run Faster Vitamins

Can Vitamins Help You Run Faster?  Run Faster Vitamins This past week I received a great amount of emails talking about how athletes all over the world were doing so far this summer in their speed training with https://15minutespeedtrainer.com and weightlifting with their coaches.   Last week was the last week of school for most middle school […]

Can Fast Get Faster??

Can Fast Get Faster?? I was at a local middle school track meet in Richmond Virginia and I was very surprised at what I saw take place.  I was with my brother in law standing at about the 50 meter mark as the runners were about to get in their blocks.  My brother in law […]

High School Football Run Faster Epiphany

High School Football Run Faster Epiphany I was pretty athletic growing up.  I actually was the faster bigger kid in my little leagues and I basically destroyed all the other youth teams.  The one thing that changed all of this was that I stopped growing and everybody else caught up with me.  I ended up […]

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