The Guy Who Knows Everything There Is To Know About Speed Training?

The Guy Who Knows Everything There Is To Know About Speed Training?

Ok I guess you can prepare yourself for this blog, because this is going to be one of my run rants.  It is a real life type blog that can help everyone out though.  About 2 weeks ago, I was doing my usual hour daily reading session in Barnes n Nobles when I happened to see a magazine that happened to be about running.  Now I will not say exactly what this magazine this was but it was a pretty big magazine in this speed training niche.  I read a few articles and then I looked up the editors name.  He had his email address in the front so if you know how I am, I believe everything is a sign for me to take action and spread this word of what I have which is the fastest way to run faster with the 15 Minute Speed Trainer.  So I emailed the editor to just give him a heads up about how this specific running program that has been taking the world by storm and receiving so many testimonials from athletes.  Well I didn’t hear anything back from this editor for about 2 weeks.  Yesterday, I happened to be scrolling through my email contact list on my phone and I saw this guys specific email address and I just had to send him an email, and in this I was not formal at all.  I just told him that he had to see this speed training concept.  It is imperative that he looked this information up!

He immediately emailed me back like what concept??  lol I was like he emailed me back!!!  Then I told him about who I was and what I wanted to show him which I guess does sound a little crazy,(  You can Run Faster With a 15 Minute Speed Program)  but it works!!  The unthinkable happened after that though!  He said, “Oh yeah, Mark I deleted this message because it is IMPOSSIBLE.”  Before he even knew what this program was, before he tried this program out, he totally dismissed this as a gimmick.  I was like WOW!  I told him that he had to just try it out, and I know how he felt because I felt the same way until I actually gave it a try!  He said he had been running for 35 years and editing for 15 years and that it was literally impossible for a person to run faster in that period of time.  The reason why I was so surprised was that he basically saying that I and thousands of others were full of shit lol.

How can people, especially athletes even think that something is impossible?  I defeated the odds my whole life, and most athletes and successful people do but then I hear someone say this.  It inspires me more to spread this speed training concept because I know anyone who uses it, will run faster and their running speed mindset will be totally changed.  This editor agreed to give The Run Faster Program a try, which I know if he does his whole world will turn upside down, but it makes me think.  Just because you have been doing something for a certain amount of years, does that mean you know everything there is to know about that subject?  Is there room for growth or are you just the know all end all type of person?  You cannot be serious, we as humans have so much more to learn about everything!

We have to be eager to learn about new opportunities and if you write for a magazine or you are an athlete who may be searching for new content and a way to improve you must try this speed training program out ASAP!!!  Nobody else in the world can say that they can help you run faster in 15 minutes.  I have been with the fastest people in the world.  Olympic sprinters who have been with the most popular sprinting coaches who know so much quality speed training information but even they cannot help you run faster in 15 minutes!  Dr. Van Such’s speed program can and will GUARANTEED!!

Enough of my rant though it is up to you to see for yourself.  Go to and see for yourself!!

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