Title Miami Heat and Spurs predictions

Title Miami Heat and Spurs predictions

Lebron James and the Miami Heat have the chance to go for another ring but will they be the champion in this championship?

Or will the San Antonio Spurs, Tim Duncan, and skills of Tony Parker and others take the ring? Every time the San Antonio Spurs  have made it to the finals they have not lost.

Duncan has been with the Spurs since 1997 and has 4 championship wins. Being that he might be in his last season or coming into a retirement soon, he also will go hard to try and end his career with a bang. Tony Parker with 3 championship wins with San Antonio and also being his first team in the NBA, this is nothing new to them.

The heat were in this position last year and won; giving James his first championship win. Being that James is in his prime and knowing his mentality recently it doesn’t seem as if  he will let this get away. However all of the Heats talent is going to have to show up and stay in the game, with all focus on winning.

If you kept up with the Heat and the Indiana Pacers games, Miami had too many turnovers during some of the games which caused them to lose a couple. If they want to win against the Spurs they can’t let that happen and be consistent.

It seems like its easy to just chose a team based on their performance of the season.  Both of these teams are good, yes this is why they made it where they are now, however you have to do some thinking before you predict who’s going to take it all. All that can be said really is let the best team win. Also there is going to have to be some eagerness going on in this finals series.

Lets give it up for both teams making it to this point and  let the games begin. It surely will be interesting.

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