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NFL Cornerback Tips: Low Man Wins in Football

NFL Cornerback Tips:  Low Man Wins in Football How important is leverage in football?  How important is having leverage in life actually?  Lol it is extremely important and I could go on and on how important having leverage is in life, but I guess I can just focus on how this is important in football.  […]

How To Run A Faster 40 Yard Dash; Run Faster!!

How To Run A Faster 40 Yard Dash Dr. Van Such just contacted me and told me that he wanted to focus on creating a specific website that is still in construction, called http://howtorunafaster40.com that really is geared to helping athletes run faster 40 yard dash times in the matter of days.   There are […]

NFL Combine and Draft

NFL Combine and Draft What does it all really mean? To see more information on NFL Speed Training Visit http://15minutespeedtrainer.com The NFL is a very powerful business worldwide.  The NFL Combine itself has turned into big business alone.  The NFL Draft is a complicated event for most fans and teams, but what about the players?  […]

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