NFL Cornerback Tip: The 2 Most Important Exercises You Need In Football!! *Extremely Important*

NFL Cornerback Tip: The 2 Most Important Exercises You Need In Football!! *Extremely Important*

From my experience I can tell you what works and what doesn’t work…..I have the 2 most important exercises for an athlete to consistently do in order to be able to compete at the highest level.  I actually perform it for you in the video below.  I do a full powerclean.  If you are asking what a powerclean is and why it is such a good exercise here is why:  It is based off of explosive power movements.  This is what football is!  This is the start of your track meet, the start of your 40 yard dash, shoot the start of your backyard football game.  It helps you have a quicker change of direction, which is extremely important in football.  When you do a powerclean you need to have the proper mechanics and technique in order to get the full benefit of course.  You must focus on exploding through your heels upward and shrugging the weight up off the ground which will basically seem like you are jumping with a powerful shrugging motion, and then getting under the weight for the catch.

After you get the hang of powerclean, it will become second nature.  This is one of the most important exercises that you will ever do when it comes to being a full explosive athlete!  I know this because I have tried a year with powercleaning a great amount of my training, and I tried a year where I rarely powercleaned and it was like night and day.  My speed and quickness was affected and I knew then and there how important the powerclean was.  If you want to reach your full potential in football you must implement the powerclean.

The 2nd most important exercises is implementing the into your training.  This will make you run faster because it is the perfect type of training for your fast twitch muscles and it targets the main muscles that are necessary and involved in the running faster process.  It is organized in a very simple effective program and is only 15 minutes a workout.  You can do this anywhere and you do not put any bad stress on your body, and that is very important if you want to play a long time once you make it to the pro’s.

To see the exact Run Faster information on how to get this speed training program Click image below!!

how to run a faster 40 yard dash

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