University Of Virginia Football Record Holder Run Faster; How To Run 40 Yard Dash

University Of Virginia Football Record Holder Run Faster; How To Run 40 Yard Dash

University of Virginia's Billy Mcmullen Runs Faster

I had the opportunity to work out the other day with one of the best football players ever to come from the University of Virginia Billy McMullen.  Billy played wide receiver and actually broke Herman Moore’s football record of most receptions and yards for a wide receiver.  Now I want you to understand how big that is.  We are not just talking about a small school that nobody has ever heard of.  We are talking about a University that has a great amount of history and some great athletes have come through this organization.

Billy McMullen was drafted to the Philadelphia Eagles in the 3rd round and has had a 7 year career, which doubles the average NFL life span and career.  That alone is a huge accomplishment, trust me.  I met Billy up at the University of Richmond randomly, to just get some run some routes and get some catches in.  2 weeks before we met up on this day, Billy bought Dr. Van Such’s The Run Faster Program “15 Minute Speed Trainer” to give it a try and came out there after that time and was literally flying.  He couldn’t believe it himself, but it was working.  You see, you probably will not believe it until you actually try it either.  He was just running some routes and doing some footwork drills and was moving and running faster than ever.

Now I knew that this was happen, because this is the same way that I felt 3 years ago when I tried the program, but I kept my mouth closed until he felt it for himself lol.  He trains young athletes who are trying to make it to the next level and they all had a look of amazement on their faces as they could tell the same thing that we all saw, and the running speed transformation that Billy felt.  The interesting thing is that as more and more people all over the world try this speed training program called The Run Faster Program “15 Minute Speed Trainer” out, they email me back to tell me their story and all I can say is man, that is the same way I felt as I tried it out in my hotel room while playing with the Houston Texans.  My goal is to help 500 million people run faster, and even though it may be a few a day,  I know that soon it will be 100 athletes a day receiving the Run Faster program, and sending me emails in amazement and just excited ready to learn more.

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how to run a faster 40 yard dash

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40 yard dash; NFL Cornerback Speed training

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