NFL Cornerback Tips: Low Man Wins in Football

NFL Cornerback Tips:  Low Man Wins in Football

How important is leverage in football?  How important is having leverage in life actually?  Lol it is extremely important and I could go on and on how important having leverage is in life, but I guess I can just focus on how this is important in football.  Football is a very violent sport so how in the world could me being barely 5’9 and weighing 185 pounds make it to the NFL?  I understand that the low man usually wins in football.  I understand that when creating contact with someone who I am attempting to tackle, even when they are bigger than me I still can really deliver a crazy blow.  If I can have a certain leverage with some velocity, I could really lay a guy out.  Now there are way more reasons why understanding when to stay low can really help you in football.

One thing as a cornerback that has been huge for me is understanding that my height at cornerback is an advantage.  I can be quicker coming out of my breaks and transitioning from back pedaling to run with a wide receiver.  Prime Time Deion Sanders taught me something so simple yet so important that has become habit!!  Remember that we as humans, are creatures of habit.  This is why you must always work on creating good habits so that this comes natural to you and you do it without even thinking about it.  First thing Prime Time Deion Sanders taught me was my stance.  He told us that being low and comfortable is needed and to swipe the ground before every play to remind yourself to stay low when you play.  I started doing this and after a few weeks I find myself doing it every time am about to back pedal.  Little things like this can turn into big things over a period of time.

When I learned why and how important being low was for me in my game I really improved in my coverage of wide receivers.  The reason why I know it is important is because I actually had time to actually try it out at my College All-star game which is called The Texas Vs. The Nation game.  I really had successful week there in El Paso, Texas and I can honestly say that Deion Sanders was a big reason for this.  I was making interceptions and breaking up passes that I struggled making my whole life.  It was very exciting for me and that is when I really started to buy into the system and absorbing all of the knowledge and information that those NFL Vets and Hall of Famers were teaching me.

Check out my video where I demonstrate this below


There are many lessons that you can learn from this blog, to just point out two of them, I would say that understand from a football standpoint, always focus on being to help learn on being in an athletic position ready make awesome plays.  The second tip is to really be hungry for more knowledge and listen to people who have been there and done that.  Once I started listening to Deion Sanders and Kevin Mathis, I really started to become a better football player and actually made it to the NFL even when everyone in my past told me that it was not possible.

Make sure that you believe in yourself and take the advice from the professionals who are helping you.

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NFL Cornerback Tips; How to run a faster 40 yard dash

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