NFL Cornerback Tips: Man to Man Coverage Tip Learned from SuperBowl Star Tracy Porter

NFL Cornerback Tips: Man to Man Coverage Tip Learned from SuperBowl Star Tracy Porter

I learned this drill while with the Houston Texans.  Our coach was David Gibbs who is the son of the Legendary coach Coach Gibbs who actually coached our Offensive lineman at the time back in 09′ and 10′.  We had an interesting DB ritual that we would do every day for our specific position skill session.  First of all it would be 100 degrees + no matter what at about 8 in the morning.  We would do our team warm-up and stretch session and then we would run right over to the other field and get started on our sled drills.  I show you a quick example of what we do on the sleds in this video.  Even though it would make us dog tired before the practice even started, and most of the guys complained, I do really believe it made us better and implanted some real good skills to our player tool belt.

Now in this video I do not stay on there for very long, and Coach Gibbs had us on there for at least 15 minutes, but I wanted to give you an idea of how to do it and the why.  This drill helped us with getting our feet hot and moving ready to stay in front of a wide receiver which at cornerback and the safety position is extremely important.  It is important in man to man coverage as well in some zone coverages like cover 2 when you must re-route the wide receiver to mess up the timing in the offense’s play.

It also taught us to keep our hands always ready to punch which is really good for press man and re-routing or really just football in general.  The guy who hits first and has leverage usually wins in football.  I didn’t have sleds to work with in the video below and I used hitting bags and dummies it worked well for explaining the point of what I trying to accomplish.

I mention that Tracy Porter who is the cornerback who solidified the Super Bowl win with the New Orleans Saints over Peyton Manning and the Colts in 09′ was a master at this getting his feet hot technique in his man coverage.  This is what he feels comfortable doing and it works for him.

Check out my video and demonstration of this drill that will really help you get to the next level in your man coverage as well as Zone coverage(Cover 2)

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NFL Cornerback Tips

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