NFL Cornerback Tips: Buffalo Bills Cornerback On How To Defeat The Chop Block

NFL Cornerback Tips: Buffalo Bills Cornerback On How To Defeat The Chop Block

Have you ever had someone run full speed and dive directly at your legs with the intent to flip you to where your head hits the ground and your feet are in the air? lol Well yeah that is why a vlog like this is important for a football player.  I remember the first time where I got chop blocked.  You see in high school this type of block is illegal so you would only see it a few times here and there and it was probably terrible form because obviously coaches were not allowed to teach this in High school football.  In College, oh buddy it was on, and the wide receivers who really don’t like to block, would gladly try to take us defensive backs out by chop blocking us.  My first experience was at my prep school in Virginia’s Fork Union Military Academy when we play Ferrum College.  It was like the first play of the game too lol….

It was a running play and I was coming up to play the run, and next thing I know I was on the ground like whoa!!!  I defitnely was not expecting that, so I bounced up and my defensive backs coach saw the whole thing and kind of kicked himself because that who training camp we did not work on that skill at all.  So I had to learn from experience early on and I would have to say, I have not been chop blocked since that prep school experience, and mind you I played like 10 years after that in College with Ohio University and in the NFL.  I learned this skill that Virginia Tech Hokie and Buffalo Bills Cornerback is teaching very quickly so that it wouldn’t happen again.  If you play football, you must learn this skill in order not to feel like a total idiot during your games or possible practices lol.

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