NFL Cornerback Tip: Football Players Are Creatures Of Habit; Actually All Humans Are

NFL Cornerback Tip:  Football Players Are Creatures Of Habit;  Actually All Humans Are

Another tip that I learned from Deion Sanders when I had the chance to go to Prime U, was that human beings are creatures of habit.  So what does that mean for athletes and more specifically football players?  It means what you do in practice or even when goofing off, will show up in the game.  Now this can really be the difference of you making the game winning play and you giving up the game winning play.  Creating good habits is extremely important and Deion Sanders is very strategic in what habits he likes to create as a defensive back.  Today’s tip, is to never stay in one place when playing catch or warming up for the game.

In this video that I made for you, I will show you exactly what I mean.  I notice when I train my athletes, when we are warming up they always are standing still and throw the ball back.  I have to really drill in their heads that we must get used to moving and breaking as we catch as much as possible.  You see in the game we are never catching the ball still, and you have to get used to what you will be doing in the game.  It is on some mental visualization type stuff to be honest.  In order to really be successful in anything, you have to see and feel yourself doing it and being successful at it.  It will be easy once you get in the football game, because you have seen yourself doing it all week in practice.  Reps are important in practice.  That is why the coach usually gives the best players the most reps because he knows that the best players will be playing in the game.  Now imagine if you could do simple things like in this video below to add mental and physical reps along with what you do in practice.  Remember what I mentioned about reps and how it will help you get better.  The person who has the most reps working on the right technique will have the best shot for success.


Make sure that you are working on your craft every day, and it will help you believe more.  Once you believe with your heart in yourself, then that is when anything is possible to you!

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