NFL Cornerback Tip: Quickness and Footwork for Defensive backs

NFL Cornerback Tip: Quickness and Footwork for Defensive backs

As a defensive back/Cornerback your Quickness, Speed and footwork skills are extremely important.  There are a few things that will help you improve all three!  Let’s talk about quickness and speed first.  I believe that some Olympic style weight lifting exercises can really help your explosiveness, balance and having a powerful first step or thrust.  I made a vlog about how important the powerclean and hangclean is for a football player to become really good at, and do alot.  This will help your quickness for sure.  Another great thing to add to your plan to become the ultimate athlete is to add to your regimen.  This will help you become quicker and run faster in only 15 minutes of work.  There is nothing out on the market that can compare to how fast you will receive results like this speed training.  I will provide this for you at the end of this blog.

The way for an athlete to improve their footwork skills is to implement drills and constantly work on this in practice.  If you have ever seen one of Chad Ocho Cinco’s youtube videos of him working out, you will find some great footwork skills for wide receivers.  To see some great footwork drills for defensive backs, I have included Professional cornerback Cris Hill video for you.  These are some very cool drills that will help you improve!

Check out video below

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