How the Malcolm Gladwell 10,000 Hours rule applies to Sports

How the Malcolm Gladwell 10,000 Hours rule applies to Sports

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We all know that in order to truely become considered elite in something, to develop a skill, you need to put forth extreme effort and time towards perfect practice.  To summarize what Mr. Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours rule means for an athlete is that you must put forth a minimum of 10,000 hours towards a specific skill in order to be in the world’s 1%.

To relate it to my position of cornerback in football, I would say that in order for me to become elite in man to man coverage, I would need to spend a minimum of 10,000 hours doing one on one coverage drills, watching film of other great corners and what wide receivers like to do to beat corners.  I would have to spend that time working on my quickness and running speed.  I would have to work on my strength and conditioning to be able to not get tired when competing. I would have to do this day in and day out until I am the best in the world.  It would take mental, emotional, spiritual, physical effort for a minimum of 10,000 hours.

This is a unique yet very simple concept and think about it.  Michael Jordan is considered the greatest professional basketball player of all time and yes of course he did hit the “genetic lottery” which means he was born with certain genes that helped him be the height of 6’6 and yes that does play a role, but really has nothing to do with his personal potential.  There are plenty of people who are 6’6 who cannot even dribble a basketball and would love to play.  He put in the work over and over almost to the point of obsession to WIN!!

Can this concept help you?  Yes it most certainly can, and I believe if a person and athlete picks a skill in their sport to develop, then they have the opportunity to become great and possibly in the elite 1% which most of us want but are not willing to strive for with all of our effort.  Being focused is the key, and doing it in sports really is celebrated in the world.

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