How To Run Faster: Time Investment???

How To Run Faster:  Time Investment???

How To Run Faster: Time Investment??

I had an interesting conversation the other day with one of my old high school football coaches.  We spoke about how valuable time is.  It is the only thing that you really cannot get back.  Think about it, even though losing money may hurt a lot, you can always figure a way to get it back or make more of it, BUT TIME?  Nope once it is gone, it’s gone.

Well as an athlete, I know that time is very important in my career.  All the way from youth sports to professional, because what effort I put in my sport and athletics is exactly what I get out.  If I am conditioning, lifting weights, doing my workouts, studying my game film, asking coaches questions, and working on developing my skills than I know if I put a certain amount of time into this, that success is inevitable.

Are you investing your all into what you are doing?  This is what seperates the GREATEST Athletes from the ones who do not make it to the elite level.  The concept of investing is good when it comes to finances and when it comes to the productivity of your day.  How many hours are you putting forth reaching your running speed goals?  Are you trying to find the best coach/mentor to help you?  Are you using your training schedule?  Are you doing your Olympic explosive lifts?  Are you making sure that your conditioning is elite?  Are you eating the proper nutrition when others are eating fast food?

This is all the stuff that you must ask yourself, if you want to become elite, run faster and dominate your opponent.

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how to run faster: Time investing

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