Athletes Who Take Massive Action

Athletes Who Take Massive Action

I get contacted by athletes from all over the world, mostly young, asking how they can make it to the next level in their sport.  I always say this, it is pretty simple in concept, yet extremely difficult in execution and application.  An athlete must believe in the system and in their abilities.  The system is the process that has been proven to reach ultimate performance.  Once you choose and pick the workout and mental exercises that you will go with for your training process, you must go through with it with great effort.  The only people who even think like this have a belief level that is beyond the toe in the water type people who think they want to play sports or be great.

Once you have chosen the system that you would like to use, and have planned what goal you want to reach now here comes the hard part.  An athlete must take MASSIVE ACTION!!  This is where most people never reach their full potential because they do not DO ANYTHING.  In order to be great you must work smart and work hard every single day like your life depended on it.  You must put in extreme effort everyday all day.  You much search for ways to improve every single day, you much reach out to the best competitors in your sport and ask them to be your mentors and for tips.  You have to figure out how to run faster, run longer, be stronger, be smarter!  You must be the best everyday on your team in your training.  Athletes who create this habit of taking massive action are the ones who become great.  I can tell you what to do until I am blue in the face, but at the end of the day, your success only relies on you.

I have overheard conversations of athletes blaming their old coach, and their old teammates for not making it to the next level.  The key is to take full responsibility for your dreams and it starts on this very day.  Reaching your dream is up to you.  Make it happen for yourself today!

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