Develop This Skill for football with the slight edge principle

Develop This Skill for football with the slight edge principle

This skill that I wanted to write this blog about is being able to catch the football.  What we call it is,”having hands”.  Being able to focus and catch the football may seem very simple for some people, but you would be surprised how many people struggle with this skill.  You ever notice that the most gifted people in things like speed or big strong lineman struggle with catching?  You see guys who may be short and not very fast like NFL baller Wes Welker playing in the slot who have incredible hands.  Why?  Well it is pretty simple.

They use the Slight Edge Principle with catching footballs.  What I do with my football players is called the 500 footballs a day challenge.  Who can create a habit of catching at least 500 footballs a day?  The athlete who can do this and stick to it will notice over a period of times how their hands and hand eye coordination will improve which gives that athlete the slight edge with daily progress.  You see the slight edge principle is working on developing a skill every day, even if it is just a small amount of work, it will amount to a lot of work.  Something small every day will become huge over a period of time.  If you would like become very good at catching footballs, the way that you start is to just implement the slight edge principle into your life and start your own 500 footballs a day challenge.  This will cause you to walk everywhere with your football which is ok if you really love the day.

Once it is habit, it will be difficult to break.  Remember this is a good habit for someone who is looking to improve and make it to the next level.  Start your 500 footballs a day challenge to improve your hands today!  Make it happen for yourself!

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