NFL Football Player High School Football Motivation

NFL Football Player High School Football Motivation

The other day I went in to get an interview with one of the best speed and strength trainers in the state of Virginia for using The Run Faster Program “15 Minute Speed Trainer on his NFL Combine/Pro Day guys.  He had awesome results with his guys, and I was pretty excited to ge all on film.  His name is Shane Sykes and he is training his guys at U-turn which is a facility on the west end of Richmond Virginia.  He asked me if I would workout that day with his High school players so that they could see how professional football players train so you know that I couldn’t say no, even though I did not expect to even work out that day.  The workout was pretty intense considering I haven’t worked out for about a month and a half because of traveling so much.  I was not expecting Shane to have us doing as much, even though I should have known better since I have been training with him for the past 4 years and I should have known that is how he rolls.

He had us do the and plyometrics and some sprints with a quick core session with medicine balls.  We had to run through that at least 5 times non stop with no break….Of course I was ahead of the kids, but they seemed to have a spark in them because I was there so it pushed me to show them how to train like a professional.  Shane and the team’s head coach could notice that there competitive desire went up and they really wanted to size themselves up with me, while I was actually hurting from not working out in like almost 2 months lol…..  Overall it was a good inspirational experience for me and I really like encouraging the youth to work smart and hard and to always dream BIG!

There was one kid, who was working out, and consistently trying to out do me in a few exercises which I like because it shows competitiveness and a desire to be the best.  Of course he couldn’t hang with me but the thing that I like was that he tried.  About a year ago, I tried to reach out to parents and high school football players about me giving free training sessions in my hometown because I really wanted guys to go to college and to be able to live out their dreams to play football at the highest level possible.  I came to realize, the more I searched and asked around, the more people were not interested.  I felt like it was a slap in the face, because here you have a guy who is offering his time to help them go where he had the opportunity to play in the NFL for 3 years but nobody was hungry enough to want the knowledge so what I did was move to the internet.

I figured I would put the information out there on the internet and all the hungry guys out there like I was in high school would come to me, and really have that burning desire to learn and get better in football.  Well, it is safe to say that I get contacted by young guys all over the world now who watch my videos and see my football information blogs everyday.  They email me every day and I freely give them the same information that I wished I had growing up.

After our workout session I asked to speak to the high school football players to just give them a story and my friend Domonique Hargrove got a little bit on his iphone.  You can barely hear it but the passion behind it is powerful.  I was telling them what type of motivation and passion it will take to make to the NFL.  Check out the video below.

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