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How To Run Faster: Time Investment???

How To Run Faster:  Time Investment??? I had an interesting conversation the other day with one of my old high school football coaches.  We spoke about how valuable time is.  It is the only thing that you really cannot get back.  Think about it, even though losing money may hurt a lot, you can always […]

Dreams of Going Pro: Don’t Give Up!

Dreams of Going Pro: Don’t Give Up!Most  high school and college athletes dream of becoming a pro and signing a multi- million dollar contract. They dream their athletic talents and abilities will create success for them at the next level which will provide a better lifestyle for themselves and their family.I  remember back in 2009 […]

No Banned Substances! See Exactly What They Are

April 30th, 2013 The desire to get bigger, faster and stronger drives the ambitious athlete to do whatever it takes to get an advantage. How do I know? Because I was once that ambitious athlete. I remember playing high school football back in 2000-2004 in Chesterfield, VA and hearing about certain creatine products and how […]

Increase Speed Tips From NFL Cornerback

Increase Speed Tips From NFL Cornerback Speed Kills http://15minutespeedtrainer.com Playing professional football is a beast.  It is a great amount of fun, but it is a great amount of work.  As Coach Payton from the New Orleans Saints would say “Do Your Job” and that was how it was for me as a cornerback.  You […]

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