Increase Speed Tips From NFL Cornerback

Increase Speed Tips From NFL Cornerback

Speed Kills

Playing professional football is a beast.  It is a great amount of fun, but it is a great amount of work.  As Coach Payton from the New Orleans Saints would say “Do Your Job” and that was how it was for me as a cornerback.  You cover the big fast guys, and you make a play on the ball and tackle guys the best way you can lol….

Studying under Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, I learned some awesome techniques that helped me and my peers who trained with me.  I felt like i could cover with the best of them but I always felt insecure about one thing.   That was my 40 yard dash time!!! Trust me my coach David Gibbs never let me forget about it too… You see I ran a mid 4.5 at my Ohio University Pro day, and that day changed my life…  All the teams who were flying me basically dropped me off of their draft boards and planned to pick me up as a free agent.  Click Link For Direct Access!!

Speed Kills and I found out the hard way….  I accepted that some people were just born with it and the rest of us had to just deal with it by improving in other areas, but that is not true…  There are ways to improve your speed, and no I am not just talking about being able to run your top speed longer than everyone else.  I mean literally train your fast twitch fibers to react faster.  Dr. Larry Van Such has come up with an amazing grounding breaking discovery of how to to activate untapped running speed booster in the muscles that are most important in running speed.  He has helped hundreds of thousands of people over the last 16 years and now Professional athletes are starting to use, along with College strength coaches.

If you would like to increase your speed, take it from a pro ball player who missed out on millions from doing what all those speed trainers told me to do and someone who thought that you just have to be born with it I know how you feel….  But there is a way to reach your potential and I mean reach it fast.

If you want to increase your running speed, start today by going to and get your copy as soon as possible.

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increase speed tips from NFL cornerback

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