NFL Cornerback: How Do I Believe That I Can Make It To The Pros

NFL Cornerback:  How Do I Believe That I Can Make It To The Pros
Mike Mitchell Ohio University How to run faster

2nd Round Draft Pick Mike Mitchell while at Ohio University

I got this email from a guy named Maurice last night.  His message was basically just sharing his story, from a personal level of where he came from, and his dreams of playing professional football.  Emails like my man Maurice really inspire me that there are people out there who have a dream.  People who want to make something great of their lives, even when the physical appearance tells a different story.  You see everybody is going through something in there lives, from the richest person to the poorest.
How we THINK, and the ACTIONS we take after life hands you a situation is the defining moment that we all must master.  Saying the words, “I love my life” can be the determining factor of whether your life gets better, believing that things will improve no matter what people say.  Understanding that your current situation is only an appearance and that you accomplishing your dream is the reality!
 Check out the message I replied to Maurice and hopefully it helps you like it has helped me.
*Inspire Yourself and Others*
“Whats up Maurice,
I can give you advice based on my experiences, no problem.  It all boils down to one simple concept, but a whole lot of action.  I have learned that it is about belief…Now there is a belief in your head and one in your heart.
It starts in your head by making a decision to believe something.  Starting with this dream that you have, that you must have or be something.  This industry is only for the mentally and physically strong.  Coming from where you are, there is something you have to be in order to make it.  YOU HAVE TO BE OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!  Like you must be delusional to make it.  Growing up my dream was to be the best football player that ever lived.  I had years of telling myself this, until it went from my head into my heart.  I was out of my mind, and delusional.  Truly successful people are out of their minds!!!
You Maurice, in your current situation must be this way, and it is ok.  It makes for a better story and you will see what you earn and learn after this experience if you keep the right attitude.
The best way I can describe believing with your heart, is to put it this way….Believing with your heart is this…”It is like you know”  you don’t know and that is why it is still believing, but it is like you know something is…
How do you get to this level of belief??  Here are a few tips that I have learned…
1.  “Faith comes by hearing”  –  How much positive self talk are you doing?  “The most important conversation you will ever have is the one with yourself“- Greg Williams
 Are you speaking life to your situation or do you speak ill of it when things seem to go wrong?  Are you saying what you don’t have or what you want.  Positive talk from yourself is extremely important!!  The people you hang around, are they building your dream or telling you that you can’t?  If so you must get away from them.  Do you hang around people who only speak negative of themselves.  The music you listen to, is it uplifting and talking about coming from the bottom to the top?  Do you watch or listen to positive audios and read helpful books?
2.  See yourself in your head accomplishing your goal over and over and over and over as much as possible.  Make this your reality, and see yourself making it… You ever heard of someone saying that a person lies so much that they actually believe it is true?  Let this be you, but in your head.  You see the success so much in your head to the point that it is all you know, and nothing else matters.
3.  “Build legs that support your dream“- Tony Robbins  This is crazy important man, this will help you believe with your head, in order to eventually have in your heart.  For example if you work in the weight room on your strength and explosiveness from powercleaning and squating and benching for 90 days straight with all your heart, living in the weight room doing the right stuff, you have just built one leg for your belief.  If you work on your sprint work by using the AQ workout, conditioning to the point that you know that you will never get tired in a tryout, work on your form to perfection, you have just built another leg.  If you work on your cornerback skills with stuff you see pro’s doing, reach out to ppl like me, and coaches and pro ball players to find the skills that work, and repeat for hours and hours and hours, you have just built another leg.  If you catch 500 balls a day, you just built a leg, if you can get your 40 yard dash time to a 4.3 you have a leg.  How many legs can you build that will support your belief?  That is up to you.
4.  This is what I believe,  God wants you to reach your goals and any desire that you have.  Alot of people miss this in the bible…People sometimes miss quote it and say,”All things are possible, if you believe”….When it really says,” All things are possible, if you CAN believe”   That can shows me that it is up to me!  God will help you regardless and wants you to win, but It is up to you.  If you can believe that you can make it, then you will.  If you cannot then you wont.
You create your world!!  I hope this has helped you, I included videos that I watch to INSPIRE myself and in return I inspire others.  “FEAR NOT, ONLY BELIEVE” “

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