Malcolm Jenkins Prepares For 2013-14 Season; How to run faster

Malcolm Jenkins has probably gone through what every kid dreams of already, and still has his whole career ahead of him.  Let me list a few…..  He had the opportunity to receive a full scholarship to The Ohio State University and start at cornerback for the Buckeyes.  He was 1st Team All-American, 1st Team All-Big Ten, and he won the 2008 Thorpe award which means you are the BEST DEFENSIVE BACK in the entire Country!!!  He played in 2 National Championships and was selected in the 1st Round Draft Pick, 14th Overall and won the Super Bowl his Rookie year!!!

Malcolm Jenkins how to run faster

So what does all of that mean to you??!!  If you are an athlete and you are serious about one day possibly going to a Division 1A big time School like Ohio State or winning major awards, playing in front of over 110,000 screaming fans every game, going to a National Championship, and becoming a 1st round draft pick, you need to do what a guy like Malcolm Jenkins does!!

Malcolm Jenkins is always looking for ways to get better, and that is why he is an Ohio State Legend and had the chance to be extremely Rich and Famous!!  He put the work in on and off the field.  He made sure that he was a coaches type of player, and tried to make every single tackle on the field, and trust me…I know Malcolm and he literally tries to make EVERY SINGLE TACKLE ON THE FIELD…  In order to be the best, he gave The Run Faster Program “15 Minute Speed Trainer” a shot and had Great Results.

Malcolm Jenkins run faster

We are talking about a guy who has fans worldwide using this Speed training program and getting better and faster!  You have to understand, He just doesn’t use this program to just get faster for the heck of it….He knows that speed kills!  The faster guy has a better shot at covering top receivers, catching running backs from behind, scoring an interception from 90 yards in the 4th quarter when you are tired.  You never want to get caught from behind when you break out in open field.  The great players know how important it is to be fast and that is why he uses This Run Faster Program….

Just imagine being in his shoes when he is able to compete on Sundays….He put in the work and now he is living his dream!  He gets to joke around in the locker room with guys like Drew Brees and Reggie Bush.  It could be you if you put in the hard work and do the little secret things that he does to give yourself the edge.

malcolm jenkins kids

If you want to have the chance to possibly play in front of an 110,000 screaming crowd, or maybe play in a Super Bowl which will have MILLIONS watching you shine, you must do what guys like Malcolm Jenkins do.  Do you really think that cheerleaders cheer for the slow guy who gets caught from behind every time he breaks out on a play or the guy who everybody recognizes as the speedster who is going to play at the Pro level one day?  It is a no brainer!!  Speedster wins the crowds love….

Tracy Porter and Malcolm Jenkins Super Bowl Winning Touchdown

Tracy Porter and Malcolm Jenkins Super Bowl Winning Touchdown


Start your Journey today and order your copy of The Run Faster Program15 Minute Speed Trainer”!!

how to run a faster 40 yard dash

You don’t become great by accident, it is a decision you make every single day.

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