James Harrison Knew What It Was With The Steelers

April 23rd, 2013

Former Steelers linebacker James Harrison is going to bring his old jersey number back and he’s bringing it back with the Cincinnati Bengals.

James Harrison

The 34 year-old signed a two year contract Tuesday with the Bengals in which he agreed to four days before the completion.

Harrison played with Pittsburgh since 2002 but the Steelers needed to get under the salary cap which left Harrison looking for another team when he didn’t agree on a reconstruct contract.

“I wouldn’t say it feels strange,”

“I guess when that time comes, I’ll have a better understanding or feeling of exactly what it will be then. I’m just happy to be able to continue playing.” Harrison said Tuesday on a conference call from Arizona.

Sure he is happy to keep his number 92 as well, which defensive end Jamaal Anderson approved to give up. Not only does Harrison get to get keep the same jersey number but he is glad that he doesn’t have to be far from his home in Pittsburgh.

“I wanted to stay close to home. I currently live in Pittsburgh and that’s where I’m going to reside. I really didn’t want to have to go farther away than I had to.”

James Harrison

The five time Pro Bowl player went to play in an AFC north rival and didn’t want to stay which is understandable.

“There was no significance in staying in the AFC north,” Harrison said. “My thing was I wanted to play with a team that was competitive and had a chance of winning a Super Bowl. I felt like Baltimore and Cincinnati were those teams.

“I don’t have a chip on my shoulder against the Steelers,”

“I don’t hate the Steelers. All the things they’re saying, that the media is blowing it up to be…am I disappointed? Yeah, I’m disappointed. But when the negotiations first started, I basically knew the situation was going to be what it was going to be.

“I wish them the best, except for when we play. And I’m assuming they wish me the same, except when we play them.”

Of course, he means business.

With the NFL draft starting, fall seems to be right around the corner. Not long will it be until Harrison is on the field, going against his former team. It’s going to be a battle.

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