Glover Quin Signs $20 million+ dollar deal with the Detroit Lions.

He was drafted in 2009 at cornerback/nickel back to the Houston Texans.  He was a 4th round draft pick selection who had to earn his keep in Houston.  He is very intelligent, and is the type of guy who will stay after practice to learn what every position is doing on the field to make himself a better player.  His first 2 years he played cornerback and earned a starting position at corner midway through his rookie season because of his ability to cover top receivers.

Glover Quin How to run faster

Glover Quin at NFL Combine

He played 4 years with the Texans and his last 2 years he helped the Texans appear in their first Playoff run in the team’s history and almost got to the Super Bowl in 2013.  He now plays safety and just signed a huge deal with the Detroit Lions.  He signed a deal that every kid who loves football dreams of one day signing.  We are talking over $20 million dollar deal to play a game he loves….

Glover Quin Lions

Glover Quin Lions

Can you imagine that?  Notice the trend that the guys who put in the work on and off the field, and who are searching for ways to be better athletes are usually rewarded for their efforts.  Glover Quin first started using The Run Faster Program “15 Minute Speed Trainer” the year that he moved to safety which is the same year the Houston Texans had their first Playoff appearance.  His drive to be the best player possible is why he was able to sign such a huge deal.  Glover was willing to put in the work, increase his speed, his knowledge of the game, and play his hardest and now it is all paying off!

You have to ask yourself if you are giving the maximum effort to become great at your sport…  Are you figuring out what the great players in your sport are doing to get better?  Glover uses The Run Faster Program “15 Minute Speed Trainer to get faster, he lifts weights, he studies game film…Are you doing these type of things?  If your answer is no, then the time to start is today.

Glover Quin how to run faster

Glover Quin having fun

He is able to live the type of lifestyle that people dream of and has fans screaming his name begging for him to sign autographs.  This could be you, but you have to be willing to do what he did.  Learn how the pro’s think, and what training programs they use.

Do what it takes to become the player that you dream of being!  Do what the Pro’s do

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