Can The Run Faster Program “15 Minute Speed Trainer” Help You In CrossFit? 400 Yard Shuttle Training For CrossFit

Can The Run Faster Program “15 Minute Speed Trainer” Help You In CrossFit?

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This question was asked by former Ohio State football player John Hollins who is now a CrossFit competitor in Columbus Ohio.  We are friends and I was telling him of the great success of this program from Aqspeed/AthleticQuickness called The Run Faster Program and how we now have the New Orleans Saints using this program and schools like Ohio University, Syracuse and South Florida also.  This concept and speed training program is sweeping the world and we are still pushing to spread the word.  John became very interested in my stories of all the great results and testimonials from top athletes and wondered if it could benefit the CrossFit games.  I said hey man, it is worth a try so I had him order a copy from and I gave him around 2 weeks to hit me back up and let me know how it feels and if it helped him with Crossfit.  He called me about 13 days later and was amazed at how his hip strength had increased his powerclean reps as well as his running speed for his shuttles.  He also allowed his coach to try the program out for a few days, and he absolutely loved the training.

This really got me excited because I knew that all the sports like track and field, football, basketball, baseball and soccer all came to my mind but I never even thought about Crossfit.  The thing is that the exercises that are performed in crossift are mostly olmpic lifts which require very good mobility and strength in the core area of the body.  This is where the explosiveness comes from.  Think about how a door is, where do you think the true strength of a door is located…..  If you put a new door on week hinges then it will not last!  Understand that your Hips area and core is the body’s hinges and the stronger and faster these are the better your body will feel and move efficiently.

When Ohio State former National Champion Wide Receiver John Hollins used The Run Faster Program “15 Minute Speed Trainer” it helped him become a better crossfitter as well as his coach.  If you are an athlete in any sport you must have this program bottom line.  It will help you Run Faster in only 15 minutes guaranteed and now we have discovered that it will help you improve you performance in crossfit competitions!

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