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How To Stay Focused When the Pressure Is On

The Mental Toughness Academy, utilizes a method that is powerful and long lasting and shows young athletes how to totally embrace, own, and ultimately master their emotions and thoughts so they will consistently perform their best in their sport. These athletes take their thinking well beyond the performance of their next game and their performance […]

Mental Toughness Tips You Can Use Right Away

Todd Herman trains and coaches professional, olympic and amateur athletes on the inner game of success to help them stay sharp, focused and consistently at the top of their game, even under stiff game time pressure. He is invited to speak to sports organizations and teams in countries arounnd the world. In these interview segments […]

Pro’s Need Help With Their Mental Game

Metal Toughness and Mental Focus describe the thinking process we can go through to keep us on track and maintain our highest levels of performance even when we have set backs, don’t perform as well as we’d like or feel discouraged. You may be familiar with the challenges of getting out of, or avoiding a […]

Arnold Teaches – The Body is Important, But the Mind Is More Important

Arnold teaches “The Body is Very Important, But the Mind Is Even More Important” Arnold Schwarzenagger has reached some accomplishments in life that few others attain. Here he delivers a strong message with passion on acheiving your goals and thinking like a champion… This message will be a worthwhile investment of time for any coach, […]

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