Arnold Teaches – The Body is Important, But the Mind Is More Important

Arnold teaches “The Body is Very Important, But the Mind Is Even More Important”

Arnold Schwarzenagger has reached some accomplishments in life that few others attain. Here he delivers a strong message with passion on acheiving your goals and thinking like a champion…

This message will be a worthwhile investment of time for any coach, parent or athlete of any age.

The difference between an athlete who is doing poorly and one who is always at the top of his or her game is often not their physical training but their mental training. It’s reported that mental struggles are the main cause of young athletes, ages 13 – 18, quitting their sport.

The way we think and what we focus on at game time or in game breaking situatons will make the difference in the outcome and in our own personal achievments. That’s why mental toughness in sports is becoming so important to athletes of all ages throughout the world.

As Arnold talked about, the right kind of mental focus will help each of us in everything we do. I don’t care who you are or what you’re trying to acheive, you will need the right kind of thinking to get there. Succeeding in sports is a model for succeeding in all your endeavors, and this applies to everyone.

Here is my #1 recommendation to coaches, parents and athletes of any age and any performance level to get the mental edge and succeed against internal as well as external opposition:

Todd Herman;
And here’s why:

Todd has worked with over 3,700 athletes on their mental and inner game. Including athletes from the NFL, Major League Baseball (Red Sox and Phillies players more specifically), PGA Golf, NHL Hockey, Pro Tennis, FIFA Pro Soccer, NCAA College Stars, the Danish Olympic team, and the South African Springbok Nat’l Rugby team (the same team the movie Invictus is about) and even actors from Hollywood have sought out his help on staying calm and focused.

In 2007 Todd was honored for exceptional leadership by the Indonesian Government and for the past 3 years a European soccer organization has exclusively been using his programs for building competitive confidence, getting focused quickly and developing mental toughness.

As a former university football player and nationally ranked Badminton player, he knows from experience what it takes to compete at a high level and succeed.

He has also worked with younger players, and has put together a cutting edge online program for athletes and sports players of all ages and performance levels – called The Champions Challege. (I’ve worked a special deal with him on his training which I briefly outline below)

He avoids teaching theory, and sticks to the simple proven concepts that are practical and that work! Making His programs easy to follow and implement.

His approaches to developing the mental toughness and personal development skills necessary to reach ‘BIG’ goals are why he’s become the go-to guy for Olympic and Professional athletes.

“Todd Herman is a Sports Training Superstar!”
Boston Herald

After I followed your O.P.P. system for goal-setting – I started to think about my game that night and what goals I had for myself.

This is no joke but I believe in that game I made every pass tape to tape, and was an offensive threat the entire game and for the last, I dont know how many games I didnt have a point, this game I got 2 points and was an offensive threat.

I know it was because of what you taught me in those videos that I performed at my best. So I just wanted to say thank you and I’m looking forward to whats coming up next!”

Stephanie Gavronsky, Northeastern University
womens varsity ice hockey team

The mental part of anyone’s game almost always needs work and has great potential for improvements in performance immediately.

It’s the exact reason why Todd has created a cutting edge program designed to help you acheive your athletic dreams. Athletes, parents and coaches from over 29 countries and 58 different sports, are rapidly changing their performance with this program.

This short intro video explains:

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