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Rotational hitting in baseball. Learn Spine muscles in baseball swing

Rotational hitting in baseball refers to the movement of the player’s body around a central axis, and in this case that axis is the spine, which includes the 24 vertebra, sacrum and coccyx. The muscles invovled in rotating the player’s spine around during the launching phase are the external abdominal oblique, multifidus spinae and rotatores […]

How To Stay Focused When the Pressure Is On

The Mental Toughness Academy, utilizes a method that is powerful and long lasting and shows young athletes how to totally embrace, own, and ultimately master their emotions and thoughts so they will consistently perform their best in their sport. These athletes take their thinking well beyond the performance of their next game and their performance […]

Speed Tips From The Legends of Track and Field Coaching

Lessons From Dan Pfaff and Tom Tellez – World Class Coaching Legends Dan Pfaff and Tom Tellez have coached champion world class athletes like olympians Carl Lewis, Leroy Burrell, Mike Marsh, Donovan Bailey, and Amy Acuff. To name, literally, just a few…Together they probably know as much about technique and program design as you can […]

Mental Toughness Tips You Can Use Right Away

Todd Herman trains and coaches professional, olympic and amateur athletes on the inner game of success to help them stay sharp, focused and consistently at the top of their game, even under stiff game time pressure. He is invited to speak to sports organizations and teams in countries arounnd the world. In these interview segments […]

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