Speed Tips From The Legends of Track and Field Coaching

Lessons From Dan Pfaff and Tom Tellez – World Class Coaching Legends

Dan Pfaff and Tom Tellez have coached champion world class athletes like olympians Carl Lewis, Leroy Burrell, Mike Marsh, Donovan Bailey, and Amy Acuff. To name, literally, just a few…Together they probably know as much about technique and program design as you can find anywhere.


Just a few of the athletes they have coached…

Thanks to the Internet… The training that world class athletes have been receiving is now available to athletes and aspiring athletes at every level.

Dan and Tom shared everything they can squeeze into seven and a half hours of presentations in their “Learning from the Legends” training seminar and have turned that seminar into a track & field coaching program that is now immediately available on video and it is going to be worth every penny.

You can currently download the whole program, plus all the handouts and powerpoint notes for a discounted price.

You get immediate access to the insider secrets behind two of the most highly respected and sought after track and field coaches in the world.

Here’s a sampling of proper techinque for getting faster in sprints:

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