NFL Cornerback Tips: Top 5 Ways To Get Recruited To Play College Football

NFL Cornerback Tips: Top 5 Ways To Get Recruited To Play College Football

NFL Cornerback; How to Get Recruited to play ncaa college football

I had the opportunity to experience this whole recruiting process and now I can help you understand exactly what needs to be done, so that you can at least have the best chance to get a full ride/scholarship to the college of your choice.  I listed the top 5 ways to get recruited to play college football.

1.  Prep School–  Most people have no clue prep school even exist.  This option is the route that I took in order to get noticed because I did not do the next 4 options that I am about to list after this.  Prep School can really allow you to showcase your talent to the schools who may have overlooked you in high school for several reasons.  This is a way for you to develop more as a person and athlete without losing a year of eligibility also.  This is huge because most people do know what junior college is and those schools are cool, but the thing about those is that you will lose 2 years of eligibility and still not be guaranteed to the college of your choice or dreams.  The prep schools that I am most familiar with are all Military schools which is a BEAST!  It is good for you to endure, but it is very hard and you must prepare mentally to make it through.  If you are able to get through it, it will prepare you for college and possibly making it to the Pros/NFL.

2.  College Football Camps–  I cannot stress how important going to college football camps are.  This how you will get your name out to the college football coaches.  Think of it as a networking event to show your skills and personality, or going to a job interview to hand out as many resumes as possible.  You should go to as many college football camps during the summer as humanly possible!  I wish I would have done this when I played high school football.  I would always come up with an excuse.  The thing about life is, if you really want something, you will find a way to make it happen!

3.  Weight Room–  You should be almost living in the weight room before you go to these camps.  The reason for this is so that you will look like a Pro football player.  Looks go a long a way in the athlete evaluation, and you must look the part when these coaches are looking at you.  I do not mean just focus on getting big and bulking up, but I do mean being all muscle and ripped.  Transform your body in to a physical specimen so that you will stand out.  Thousands of kids will be at these camps and you gotta stand out.

3A.  40 Yard Dash–  This goes back to standing out!  You must get these coaches and scouts to be able to pick you out the bunch, and being fast is THE ULTIMATE WAY!!!  Speed is the way that most people view someone being athletic.  You could be the worst player at the camp skill wise, but I can guarantee you the coaches are saying, “Hey that kid is a raw athlete, and I think I could turn him into a good football player.”  You must run faster than the other kids in your 40 yard dash.  I provide that below at

4.  Game Film–  Coaches want to see how you stand out on your game film…Do you look like you know what you are doing, and are you tough or soft?  What do you do when the play does not go to you, and do you look like a leader?  The coaches want to turn on football game film and not even have to focus on it and still be able to tell who the MAN is on that field.  Make sure your coach is filming practice and the games so that  you can get better from studying it and getting mental reps and learning to get better.

5.  Contacting Coaches–  Extreme effort and work falls on your shoulders!  Do not, I repeat DO NOT depend on your high school football head coach to send of your game film to colleges.  You must take full responsibility of this task, and you make sure that your game film is personally delivered to each school in the nation.  Over 800 schools so better get started on that now lol  (It pays off!!!)

If you follow what I say you can be sure that you will end up somewhere playing the sport that you love which is football!!!!  American Football is the most popular sport in America and is growing all over the world.  Take action and move forward on your dreams of playing college football today by following these 5 tips to get recruited!!

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