Will the Heat be in the finals? It’s looking like they want it enough. King James thinks so

Will the Heat be in the finals?

Miami Heat Finals?

Lebron James is 28 years old and in his ninth season in the NBA. He has won one NBA Championship last year with The Heat and he is well aware that to be known as the greatest when compared to other greats he needs more rings. He is after that.

James along with Chris Anderson and Ray Allen had an incredible game yesterday in Game 1 of an Eastern Conference with the final score Heat 110 beating Bucks 87.

Scoring the most James with 27 points and Allen with 20 off the bench. Dwayne Wade with 16 and Bosh scored 15 points. Anderson being the Birdman that he is scored 10 points but it was 4 for 4 shooting that was remarkable and contributed to their win.

James recently mentioned that he wants to be known as the best and it shows that he and his team are on a mission again.

“All I care about is the win,” James said. “I didn’t even know my stats. I just knew that we were playing efficient offensively besides the turnovers. We want to try to keep that going.”

Dwyane Wade was semi off during Game 1 but there’s no doubt that he will be back scoring in high numbers. The Bucks have no luck going against this firing Heat.

Not only does El Heat want this, but other teams in the playoffs as well. This is an interesting playoff season. Harden with the Rockets going against his old team Oklahoma City Thunder in a Western Conference, who are taking the win. Let’s not forget about the Knicks.


Catch The Heat in Game 2 on Tuesday night.


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