NFL Cornerback Tips: Defensive Back Hands Gotta Be Like Muhammad Ali Though?

NFL Cornerback Tips: Defensive Back Hands Gotta Be Like Muhammad Ali Though? 

I decided to make a random video about how defensive backs can be better football players by learning the skill of effectively using the hands against an opponent.  I would say football is a type of strategic hand to hand combat type of sport.  You really must be violent and know when to use finesse and quickness and when to use brute strength and collision to your advantage.

The first tip that I gave was for cornerbacks and defensive backs to take boxing classes/courses.  I would say that MMA is good to know and study as well.  The point is you need to learn how to punch and strike at defensive back.  Think about how important this is when you are trying to get off a block, and when you are playing press man.  This makes you a boxer/fighter.  Using your hands to disrupt the route of your opponent or using your hands to get off a block can mean the difference of whether you make the play or are getting pancaked into the bench lol.

Tip #2 is to learn a technique that I do not even have a name for, and I learned it when I signed with the New Orleans Saints.  I remember 1st round draft pick Patrick Robinson was very good at this hand technique which I will show you in the video below, but this is something that all football players should know because it is extremely effective once it becomes natural to you to use.  I remember when I would practice drills against Cornerbacks like Patrick Robinson and Leigh Torrence and they were very good at using their hands like this and it was really hard to block them in the drills.  After watching them, and getting them to teach me to do this I started using it.  It worked and it got to the point where I would do it all the time if a person put their hand on me at anytime.  As you will see in this video, I would even use it on my girlfriend when she would put her hand on my shoulder which was interesting lol.

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