NFL Football Player Speed Kills Story; Oakland Raiders Mike Mitchell Turns Heads

Mike Mitchell is an AthleticQuickness type of STORY!!!  Mike Mitchell has always been a leader on every team that he has played on.  He knew exactly what he wanted to do as soon as he first stepped on Ohio University’s campus in Athens Ohio.  Here is the thing, he had to earn his spot every single play.  Coach Jimmy Burrow, who is the defensive coordinator for the Ohio Bobcats knew that Mike Mitchell had potential so he pushed him to the max.  Some players do not understand why some coaches do this but Mike understood and pushed himself even harder.

Mike Mitchell Ohio University How to run faster

Mike Mitchell while at Ohio University

He would stay after to ask all the coaches for ways that he could get better.  He would watch hours of film to become a smarter football player and would live in the gym and try to lift the gym…. (You understand what I mean lol) Now the question you may be asking is, did it all work???

Well not until a very special day….You see, Mike didn’t have any scouts looking at him, or any teams calling him after his senior year at Ohio University.  Nobody really knew about him.  He could have gotten depressed and given up or he could work for that one fateful day to show everybody and prove to everybody that doubted him, they were wrong.  This day was called a NFL Pro Day.  At the NFL Pro day athletes get the opportunity to show how fast, strong and agile they are.  This is also a meet and greet for coaches and scouts with the players.  Nobody really knew who he was at the time until IT HAPPENED!!

He had the chance to line up and show his speed on the 40 yard dash…  Nervous yet confident, he lined up at the starting line as the scout held the stop watch in his hand.  That day was extremely cold, matter of fact it started snowing as he knelt down into his stance.  This moment was his make or break moment.  He raised into his 40 yard dash stance and exploded from the start like a bullet out of a gun chamber.  He pulled up with 5 yards still left with a pulled hamstring…. Not knowing his time he looked disappointed, because he knew what he did to his hamstring, but when he raised his head to see the scouts expression….They all were running over to him with their note pads with amazement on their faces.

NFL Pro Day how to run faster

Mike Mitchell ran a whopping 4.4 40 yard dash even though he pulled up 5 yards before the finish line with a pulled hamstring.  He was the star of the day and went on to be drafted in the 2nd round to the Oakland Raiders and sign a $2 Million dollar signing bonus and go from a nobody to the most popular athlete in Ohio University history, and get his high school football jersey retired back in Kentucky where he is from. (Highlands High school)…  He is looked up to by millions of fans and Oakland Raiders fans all know who he is.

Mike Mitchell how to run faster

His 40 yard dash speed changed his entire life, and he is now living his dream which he has wanted his entire life.  The question you must ask yourself is, are you doing everything absolutely possible to make your dreams come true?  Mike Mitchell has made that part of his personality and that is why he uses The Run Faster Program “15 Minute Speed Trainer” on a consistent basis.  That is why he lifts weights, and studies film.  Are you doing that?  If not you must start doing it, and make it part of your habit.  It takes doing what the best do, to become the best.

Oakland Raider Mike Mitchell how to run faster

Make it happen for yourself like Mike did and start your journey today with The Run Faster Program “15 Minute Speed Trainer

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