How To Correctly Do Squats

Dennis Santos is a strength training expert. Here he teaches Eric the right way to prepare for and do squats to avoid injury and get the full benefits of squat exercises.

I can probably get Dennis to teach other exercises as well, even those you can do without weights. Use the comments section below to let me know what kinds of exercises you might be interested in, or what you would like to accomplish with a workout program.

(There are 5 videos on this page so give them a minute to load – only the first will preload)

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Video #1 – How to overcome mistakes and how to progress through the technique.


Video #2 – Waking up the hip flexors to properly perform the squat.


Video #3 – Getting activation of the right muscle groups.


Video #4 – Turning on the right muscles in the right sequence.


Video #5 – The Squat – King of all exercises.

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