Is Speed Training Important In CrossFit? 400 Yard Shuttle; Olympic Lift Strength Increase

Crossfit Speed Training

Is Speed Training Important in Crossfit?

Crossfit Training

Is Speed Training Important In CrossFit?


Crossfit is becoming a major sport in America.  It involves a series of exercises from Olympic weight lifting to Calisthenics to Sprint shuttle and so on.  You have to be an athlete who trains for total fitness to compete in these intense competitions.  The training itself is different from any other sport, because you are training to see who is the most FIT.  I would say that with most sports, you have to be extremely fit to be called elite but let’s say with American football, a kicker does not necessarily need to be in the tip top shape to be called elite, or even with soccer.  The goalie must be in shape but does his/her success depend on his fitness being better than a forward or centerfielder?  In Crossfit, the only way to win these competitions is you being the most fit and having knowledge and experience in each category.

Crossfit will become an even bigger sport very soon, so I wanted to bring up a question that I think is very important.  Is Speed Training important in Crossfit?  Well I guess think about it, a good amount of the events have to do with doing Olympic lifts a certain amount of times and increasing weight.  You also have to be able to do Plyometrics and Calisthenics fast also, but is running speed that important to a crossfit competitor?   Well I will point one event in crossfit and that is the 400 meter shuttle.  Could a competitor winning this shuttle increase points?  Yes, of course and understanding that in most sports, competition is becoming so good that it makes each match, game, competition a game of inches.  The issue is that where would a competitor find the time to do the strength, technique and endurance work along with speed training when Crossfit only has a certain amount of sprint events?  That is a good question and you know what, I can only point to one speed training program that I me being a former NFL Cornerback, can really give my testimony of that worked for me in a short time period. is the only speed training program that I have found, that can help one run faster in less than 15 minutes a day, with little to no stress on joints and that does not cost thousands of dollars like I had to spend to train for the NFL Combine in ’09.  I have been interested in Crossfit ever since I retired from the NFL and a good friend of my John Hollins former Ohio State National Champion Wide Receiver put me on to it and I see that this sport is big time in the making.  It involves heart, hard work, technique, strength, endurance and now I would like to show the perfect Crossfit Running Speed Training is 15 Minute Speed Trainer.  Most NFL athletes who use this specific speed training program do it before their regular workout almost like a good warm-up before they start their training with their trainers.  College strength and conditioning trainers like Shane Sykes has seen combine improvements as well.

This is perfect for Crossfit because they can strengthen a muscle that is mostly neglected by athletes that is most important for speed, and do it in less than 15 minutes a day.  As I see Crossfit grow, I know that they will continue to add more events and grow just like I saw MMA grow in America.  So get ready and train to be the best.

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