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Lacrosse Speed Training Secrets

Lacrosse Speed Training SecretsWhen I see lacrosse super stars like Chazz Woodson I’m amazed at his quickness, speed and cunning ability to elude defenders and score! Big time playmakers like Paul Rabil is another Phenominal  lacrosse player who possesses the incredible ability and quickness to fly past defenders, score and help his team win! Another impact player […]

How Athletes Can Attract More Success

“How Athletes Can Attract More Success” It’s game time and you’re about to take the field or the court! You’re feeling a mixture of excitement and anticipation as your prepare your heart and mind for the competition. You want to perform your best and most of all you want to help your team win! Have […]

Dreams of Going Pro: Don’t Give Up!

Dreams of Going Pro: Don’t Give Up!Most  high school and college athletes dream of becoming a pro and signing a multi- million dollar contract. They dream their athletic talents and abilities will create success for them at the next level which will provide a better lifestyle for themselves and their family.I  remember back in 2009 […]

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