Nutrition Solutions for Knee and Joint Issues

May 3rd, 2013

Nutrition Solutions for Knee and Joint Issues

Nutrition Solutions for Knee and Joint Issues

Recently one of the athletes that I train was complaining of knee issues. He said that he felt discomfort in his knee and it was effecting his confidence. He said it gave him a lot of discomfort when he ran and did agilities. I asked him if he had ever heard of Glucosamine and he said that a friend of his who is also an athlete had mentioned something to him about it but he really never looked into it. I handed him a Glucosamine supplement that I was using at the time and instructed him to take it for 7 days and to tell me how his knee felt after. I knew it was very important for him to solve his knee issue and regain full confidence because he was working so hard preparing for his pro football opportunities. He used the glucosamine supplement that I gave him and he reported to me that it really helped him. He said his knee felt really good and he wanted to buy more of the supplement.

I’ll teach you about that particular glucosamine Supplement that worked for me and my client but first let’s get educated about why glucosamine is a recommended supplement in providing solutions for knee and joint issues.

Nutrition Solutions for Knee and Joint Issues

Knee injuries are common and can be caused by sports injuries, arthritis and evening biking, walking or hiking.
A variety of remedies are available to treat certain  knee and joint injuries. Taking the time to care for the joint will ensure for strength and mobility. Of course icing, resting, knee wrap are good to do but also from a nutrition standpoint a supplement called Glucosamine and Chondroitin have been found to successfully treat swelling and knee discomfort that occurs in the knee. It’s a natural and organic supplement and is safe for athletes to use.

Nutrition Solutions for Knee and Joint Issues

Here are some solutions and benefits that an effective and safe glucosamine supplement:

•Supports healthy connective tissue.
•Helps build and maintain collagen between joints.
•Helps support normal joint function and mobility; promotes important shock-absorbing properties of joint cartilage.
•Glucosamine has been clinically tested to positively affect joint function.

Here’s The link to the Glucosamine supplement that I believe in, use and I recommend the athletes that I work with who’ve had knee issues use. Its called NUTRILITE® Glucosamine 7 and it works.

I’ve had two pro football players use this and it’s helped them so I know it will help you too. Check it out and educate yourself. Click Here!!



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Nutrition Solutions for Knee and Joint Issues

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