How To Correctly Do Squats

Dennis Santos is a strength training expert. Here he teaches Eric the right way to prepare for and do squats to avoid injury and get the full benefits of squat exercises.

I can probably get Dennis to teach other exercises as well, even those you can do without weights. Use the comments section below to let me know what kinds of exercises you might be interested in, or what you would like to accomplish with a workout program.

(There are 5 videos on this page so give them a minute to load – only the first will preload)

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Video #1 – How to overcome mistakes and how to progress through the technique.


Video #2 – Waking up the hip flexors to properly perform the squat.


Video #3 – Getting activation of the right muscle groups.


Video #4 – Turning on the right muscles in the right sequence.


Video #5 – The Squat – King of all exercises.

Dennis Prepares For the Arnold Classic Amatuer Bodybuilding Competition

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Dennis Santos as he prepares for the Arnold Classic go to the link below:

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1 Amy at

These video are just fantastic!! this is precisely what I’m after: increase the power, strengh and speed of the hip flexors. As I practice karate, I really need to have sharp movements on the hip. Where can I find more exercises targeting the hip flexors: stability, stretching, speed, etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards


2 top it certifications salary at

I like what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work and exposure!
Keep up the very good works guys I’ve added you guys to my own blogroll.


3 Khader Zishan Ali at

I am aged 13 and I can run the 100m sprint dash in 12.44 seconds . But there are faster students in higher classes. So i want to get even faster. Any exercises that could be done at home?


4 frank jones at

I have son who weigth is 136 i have been training him and sending him to camps he is a very very good football play. He is the real thing . He is 12 and this will be his frist year playing school ball. He play outside linebacker.


5 mark at

Frank, email me at if you would like more tips on how to get your son to the next level.


6 asjln at

hey bob,,,i am 13 and i cant increase my speed,,,i juz want sum help 4m u,,,i can complete my 100 mts dash only in 16.78 seconds….do i have any other training programs that culd increase my speed quickly…thankyou,,,,,asJLn.


7 mark at

Hey Asjln,

Go to to see exactly how to improve your running speed, guaranteed. If you really want to get faster, then you must take action. Make sure you see all the testimonials of pro’s who are using this information.


8 Mickey McAllister at

How can I improve my distance in the Discus and shot putt? Is there a video for this type of training? Mickey


9 Terrance Holmes at

Are there any exercises I can do with the bands to strengthen my core?


10 Bob at

Here’s a band exercise for the hip rotator muscles. Good for baseball, golf and tennis or any sport where strong hip rotation is helpful.


11 Briana at

Hey there Bob, I am currently doing the javelin in track and field and was wondering if the isometric training with the resistance bands would help me throw the javelin farther and if so what specific exercises should I do for each muscle group involved in throwing the jav?

Thanks so much!


12 Bob at

Briana, check with They will have some suggestions on using isometric training with the resistance band for getting more distance throwing the javelin.


13 Giorgi at

heloo bob.
i want to order your trainigs from other country but i dont have egzacly master card or other 3 cards. so i am looking for speciall firms offices that making orders from internet .i will order soon.i am sending this questions to your email but i dont get that kind of answers that i want (but thank you for every video u send me they are all yousfull)i hope i will get answers here at least.
1. am soccer player i can run fast 30m-3.7 my good result i am 194cm height 19 years
2.i am not beginner athlete so i want to order +resistance bands which bands you will recomend to get highes results(,silver,or gold band) which of them youse together for more resistance more results and how to use them carefully
wating for your qustions


14 Bob at

Girogi, Don’t forget to check with with your questions. For more resistance I recommend getting additional blue and green bands, even red, rather than the heavier bands . You can add the bands together for more resistance so you have more options with red, green and blue.


15 kris at

Bob I am wondering if this speed,agility training programe really works and I am very determined to become as fast as possible so I am wondering if it really works I have some doubts


16 Bob at

An athlete will need a variety of training techniques to reach their highest goals, including training for strength, endurance, coordination, proper technique and form, and skill as well as speed.

The speed training program should be included as an important part of every players training program.

Here’s why: The dynamic resistance levels of the band combined with an isometric training strategy conditions your muscles in ways that are completely different from what they have previously experienced and which cannot be attained using other training methods.
This exposes and eliminates weaknesses and releases untapped muscular energy that dramatically increases speed in an athlete’s muscles and improves their athletic performance beyond what they have previously experienced.

This is also why athletes and players often see results very quickly.

Here’s the link that explains more:
Resistance band exercises for sports training


17 Matt at

I would like to get some exercises for my 2 boys for football. Quick feet and cut backs and working on break away speed.


18 Jessup Simmons at

I’m getting ready to go play college football next season. I just bought your run faster program because I need to increase my speed if I’m going to be able to compete at the collegiate level. I also need to get bigger. Is there any programs or training tips that would help me gain weight and muscle mass? Any programs with or without weights. I don’t care what it is I just need to get bigger. Thank you,
Jessup Simmons


19 jon at

my son is a keen soccer player and i recently bouhgt the kick farther training book. Is there any other excercises he can do to help him kick the ball harder and improve his speed


20 jon at

hi bob my son plays a lot of soccer and i recently purchased your kick farther manual is there any more excersices my he could to do that would improve his speed and kicking


21 Angel at

My son jus made 14 and is 6’1 and 206 lbs. His coach
told us he needed to work on his flexibility. He
plays offense & deffense line. Any suggestions? Thanks!


22 Tru3 lvlagic at

Whatz up Bob….i would like to get info on bettering my vertical jump and honing my basketball skills…i would like info on how to get quicker feet


23 Bryan at

hey Bob! I do martial arts and want to know if you have any exercises/stretches that can increase the range of my straddle split (used for kicks). I have always struggled with flexibility and I really need help. thanks (also for the exercises/stretches, dont assume im already far, because I’m really not far at all and need stretching help for a beginner)


24 milan at

Hi bob. sorry its me again. which exercises will help with explosiveness and acceleration?I am also planning to go to speed training school, however i want to ask you what you think of this idea. THANKS!


25 milan at

Hey Bob. thanks for the speed training program. it really worked! i am 12 and i wanted to know which exercise program would help me in lacrosse for my shot speed. i would also like to know which exercises would help in agility for football. Thanks!


26 Bob at

Milan, send an email to with your questions about lacrosse training and football agility. They will give you some good suggestions.


27 Dale Gibson at

I train several young atheltics. I do not use the squat. I utilizie machines that allows concentration on specific muscles.
Also, cuts down on injuries.
Look at the warm up exercies they mirror squat machines.


28 Bob at

I Received this note recently from Sally Butts, who is training to make the olympic trials in long and short sprints as well as Javelin.

“Thank so much for Mr. Santos’s links. I have been applying his techniques, they are adding the fine tuning I need to my training program. The small tweaks for the correct form are making a huge difference. All of your continual advanced information, on top of the fantastic Isometric Band training for my running program, is putting me closer to my goals of realistically breaking a few world records.
Thank you,
Sally Butts “


29 Hazel at

Hi Bob, can you recommend me some exercises to improve on hockey skills. Thanks.


30 Bob at

The STRIKE FASTER martial arts program is a most suitable and helpful program for hockey players. This very comprehensive program addresses all four phases of skating: load, push, glide and return. It includes many of our RUN FASTER program’s basic lower body exercises as well as unique upper body exercises that help counter balance the lower body motions. It also involves basic upper body movements of the arms to help increase momentum. So, your best bet, and a great one at that, would be to use the STRIKE FASTER program and do all of the exercises as prescribed. Here’s the link to the Strike Faster Martial Arts Speed Program.


31 Hazel at

How about field hockey? Is the STRIKE FASTER program also the best bet?


32 Bob at

For field hockey I would go with the RUN FASTER program. It will be easier to do also.


33 Wesley Bessette at

I have the run faster program and jump higher program. I was wondering if there are good plyometric exercises to do along with isometric training. Thanks


34 damir at

Do you have some exercises for soccer goalkeepers to help improve their jumping abilities?

Thank you


35 Bob at

For exercises to improve jumping use this link:


36 Andre at

Could you show me how to do front squats, olympic lifts, and one legged squats. THanks


37 anders at

great videos!
do you have some good core exercises that help increasing strength and power for basketball players? Maybe a program that I can do over the summer?
If so, please use my email


38 Don Ervin at

Thanks so much for your quick and informative reply.
Don Ervin


39 Don Ervin at

I do not see it mentioned whether or not your program is built around Olympic lifting, we find that Olympic lifting relates closely to baseball pitching movements and strengthening various areas during their rehabilitation period after surgeries such as Labrum’s, Tommy John etc.
The way they are executed and their triple extension assets connected to the pitching movement from start to front foot touch down in particular are very beneficial to all pitchers.
Don Ervin


40 Bob at

Don, There are many aspects to training that an athlete should take advantage to get a well rounded and complete program to help him or her perform in all the skills pertaining their sport. Strength, coordination, agility, speed, endurance, mental focus, skill technique development and more should all be included to some degree in an athletes training.

An area that is often overlooked and shown to be very effective is developing muscle speed using resistance bands and isometrics. Our position is that this type of speed training will improve an athletes performance by developing more speed in their skills, and should be included in their workout routines along with their other training programs.


41 Michael W. Howard at

would like excercises that will increase club head speed. I’m 68 yrs. old


42 Bob at

Michael, Take a look at this video for club head speed.

Scroll down to the video named The Gold Power Drive Program.


43 Roy Gibson at

Great instructional videos. Down load time is really really slow though for some reason.Probably something technical you could do to speed these up. I would also like to see Lunges and any exercise that would be useful in increasing sprint track speed. Roy


44 Coach Brent at

Great videos guys! This is very helpful information for any athlete, especially football kickers, punters, soccer players, and MMA guys. ‘Waking Up’ the hip flexors is very important as you mention. Keep up the good work and please don’t stop bringing out the training videos for all to see.


45 Ioannis at

The videos are really good good work are there any instructional videos on exercises like the snatch or power clean thanks a lot


46 Anthony Cardoza at

Great videos! Unfortunately, videos #4 & #5 would not load. I refreshed the site multiple times with no success. I am using high-speed internet (1.0 Gps) at work, so bandwidth/speed should not be the issue.

I would also like to see some “how-to” videos on clean-and-jerk, deadlifts, one-legged squats, and lunges.

Thanks for the great instruction!


47 Bob at

I set Videos 4 & 5 to not preload to speed things up a bit. However they should start playing when you click the play icon in the middle of the player.


48 JR Felisilda at

Fantastic information especially with the one-legged stiff deadlift. Thanks.


49 Brandon at

Please send excersise videos to my email. Please send excersises that dont involve resistance bands and let the videos be about getting faster


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