NFL Cornerback Gives Tip That Upsets Wide receivers

NFL Cornerback Gives Tip That Upsets Wide Receivers


If one tip could make the difference between you becoming the Hero or the Zero, would you listen?  Well I have a great tip that I have implemented in my football career that has helped me avoid being “Mossed” countless times.  You see I am only 5’9 and what in the world could I do to knock the ball away and not allow wide receivers from catching the ball who are 6’4 in height.  Well I give away one of my secrets and how to really piss these guys off.  Like I said in my video, make sure you do not do these techniques to your teammates or you may have to battles on your hands.  One on the field and then one in the lockerroom after practice lol.

As you understand why this tip works, you will know the perfect time to use it and how to use it against your opponents.

Watch this video on how and why it works!!

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Mark Parson

Instagram:  markparson38

Mark Parson

NFL Cornerback- New Orleans Saints/Houston Texans

Coach Parson

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